WiFi hotspots with Facebook like login

Tablets, laptops and phones. If it has WiFi, it can use WiFi Vietnam hotspot. In exchange for their Facebook profile and Facebook like your location, customers can use your WiFi service. Now you know who is using your WiFi connection. With access to their name, mail address, gender and for example their birthday, your WiFi connection is turned into a incredible social marketing tool. The WiFi Vietnam landing page integrates your social media marketing easily into your current marketing concept.

hotspot connect with facebook

ICTP Social Wi-Fi hotspot insights


All hotspot functions of each location easy to manage

With the hotspot insight manager you can easily see the status of all your hotspots of your different locations. You also can see the social media progress. You can dpwnload the collected profiles and use that information to stay in contact. You also can see what people post about your organization on Facebook and Twitter.

It is even possible to send messages to the connected customers. They receive your message as a popup in their browser!


The unique social media marketing WiFi concept


"The more people using your Free WiFi internet connection,
the more people read your company name on Facebook"

An average Facebook user has 138 friends. Monthly they spent 7 hours reading their friends updates, post new information and add comments. The moment people are using your WiFi hotspot, an activity is added on the users's profile. These messages will influence their friends.

hotspot connect with facebook

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